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This is my thunix page.

I'm not a fan of overll complicated web sites. You'll find this one is quite simple.


I am a huge fan of gopher. You can find my gopher holes scattered on a number of tilde's in the 'verse.

Command Line

Not to sound too Stallman-ish, but I prefer to do as much as possible via a shell interface, rather than a GUI. Bash is my shell, vim is my editor.

vim > emacs. /endthread.

Bash? Don't feel too strongly about, it's just what I've used for forever. Prior to that, it was KSH, and moving to linux really pushed me into bash.


My workstation is a Latitude E6420, that is nearing a decade old. 8G of RAM, and a 256GB SSD. I don't know what kind of proc, or what kind of RAM, or any other specs really. It works, and it's all that matters to me. I'm not a huge hardware nut.

Linux is my OS. Right now, sitting on Manjaro, but I am not religious about my distro. I am however, pretty religious about my window manager, to a point: It needs to be light. I open a terminal, and maybe a web browser. But my browser is secondary, only for sites that absolutuely require it. So, i3wm tends to be my go-to, since it's keyboard focused, and allows me to stay in the same "interface mode".


Well, I'm an admin here, on Feel free to hit me up via email or irc. I'm generally a friendly guy :) I might take a bit to get back to you, don't be offended, I sleep sometimes, and have other things happening as well.

My public key can be downloaded here. I try to sign most, if not all, of my thunix mail with my key. If you doubt it came from me, ask me to sign the email, and I will.

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